Aliaksandr Sirytsyn

Aliaksandr Sirytsyn, ESQ., a founder and lead attorney at MIAMI LAW GROUP, P.A., helps clients, their families and businesses in all 50 states to set up a better future in the United States. Aliaksandr is licensed by the Florida Bar, and is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. His law practice focuses on contract negotiation and drafting and all aspects of immigration law, including investor, employment, family, and asylum-based immigration. 

Aliaksandr was born in Belarus, and became a naturalized citizen of the United States, thus he has experienced firsthand all phases of immigration and naturalization process.

Aliaksandr started his path in jurisprudence in School of Law of Grodno State University in Belarus. Upon immigration to the United States he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida International University majoring in Criminal Justice and from St. Thomas University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree.

During law school Aliaksandr had interned at a prominent criminal defense law firm and 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in Miami. He also played an active role at St. Thomas International Moot Court honors organization advocating for international human rights.

Upon graduation Aliaksandr began working at an international business consulting law firm in Miami helping clients on immigration and business matters in the United States and Macau, China.

Aliaksandr strongly believed in immense benefits that immigrants bring to the United States and always wanted to help immigrants like him to achieve their American dream. With that mindset he founded MIAMI LAW GROUP, P.A.