Marriage To The U.s. Citizen

Foreign citizens applying for a “Green Card” through marriage to the U.S. citizen must prove a bona fide marriage, not a sham to get an immigration benefit. You may be called for a fraud interview after filing your initial petition or after applying to remove conditions on your “Green Card.”
To prove a bona fide marriage you may present to the officer the following proof:

  • Joint bank accounts
  • Letters to families and each other
  • Phone bills showing your conversations
  • Photographs
  • Rental agreements
  • Tax returns
  • Utility bills
  • Wedding invitations and other evidence

In case immigration officer suspects that your marriage is fraudulent, you may be intensively interviewed in separate rooms. The officer will then compare the results of two interviews.

It is extremely important to provide a well-prepared set of evidence to the officer and have an attorney present with you at the interview.

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